Daily Tarot


In the spirit of the season, Samhein draws nigh in the Southern Hemisphere, I have drawn today’s cards from the Halloween Tarot.

In the world of Halloween, Swords transform into Bats. We have drawn the Ace of Bats, representing clarity, truth and vision. Here is that sudden flash of insight, a brilliant idea.

The Three of Imps, formerly Wands, is expansion, development, daring to dream big.

Combine the two and we have the dream of a life time. Ever wanted to travel overseas, start your own business? Hell, start your own company?! The possibilities are endless.

Take your biggest, wildest dream, tend it, make it a reality, watch it grow. All great achievements begin with a simple idea, the ideas that succeed are the ones someone dared take a chance on. Dream big and take your best shot.
Good luck!

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