Daily Tarot


Sorry I am late today, but slept in this morning, then spent a lazy day catching up on my favorite shows. Which is where these two cards come in.

This combinaton was one that had me stumped, until a fellow tarot enthusiast suggested balance. As the Knights represent action and movement, balance seems to fit here.

Sometimes my pain levels get the better of me, and the energy of the Knight of Pentacles takes over. Looking at this card, you can see he has come to a halt. He is slow, heavy and steady. This suits my activity levels of the last few days, I haven’t felt like doing much of anything.

The Knight of Wands is fast, agile and energetic, this guy can’t sit still!

Put these cards together and we strike a balance. For me, this would be being sure to get in some gentle exercise everday. Not overdoing it, but avoiding a totally sedentary lifestyle. Even though it sometimes hurts and the medications make me tired, I always feel better after I have made the effort to include some movement in my day. With the appearance of these two Knights, the tarot would seem to agree.


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