Daily Tarot


Today’s draw is from the Wizards Tarot. Five of Pentacles and The Moon.

Yesterday, I had some difficulty interpreting my daily cards, today’s cards have had my brain ticking over as well. This is not surprising, coming under the shadowy, deceptive glow of The Moon. Under the influence of this illusory path of the Major Arcana, confusion reigns, and nothing is quite as it seems.

I tend to steer away from the traditional interpretation of The Moon as madness and deceit. To me, the moon itself is comfort, serenity and magick. I find I am drawn to decks that picture The Moon as a dark Goddess, this rings true for me. But today, I feel that the illusory nature of this card is the aspect that calls out to me.

The Five of Pentacles is poverty and illness, a bit of a downer of a card. Combine this with The Moon, as illusion, an maybe things aren’t as bad as they may seem. Try and look at a bad situation with perspective, is it really all bad? Money may be tight, maybe your health isn’t to good. But do you have the love and support of your family? Friends who care deeply for you? Are always there for you? It is likely that it is hard for you to see the positives in your current situation, it could be the worry and stress that comes with illness and debt, that shifts your perspective to the negatives.

It is also possible that there is a way out of your current woes that you haven’t yet considered. Help is available, but first you have to reach out, admit you need help. Even just talking to someone impartial could lighten your load and help you to see a way out, a fresh outlook.

Don’t suffer in silence. Ask for help, your problems are not as insurmountable as they seem.

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