Daily Tarot


Today’s draw is from the Tarot of Vampyres, a delightfully dark and gothic deck.

I struggled with my interpretation of these cards today, just found it really difficult to put the two together. I decided to meditate on them, which often helps when I become stuck on a card. This time was no different, the answer hit me like a bolt from the blue (or like the Ace of Swords!)

The common thread between the Nine of Scepters (Wands) and Daughter of Grails (Cups), is optimism. The both share a positive outlook.

The Nine of Scepters has fought her way though adversity. Her courage, strength and positive attitude are her weapons. She is very resilient and never gives up, she is prepared to fight and knows that she will triumph.

The Daugter of Grails, or Page of Cups, is innocent, trusting and optimistic. She carries the infinite good faith of a child, who has never beem tested by life. Like the fairy tales that enchant her, she knows it will all end happily ever after.

The message here is hope. Don’t let the challenges life throws up defeat you. Stand your ground and fight the good fight. Even when it seems like all is lost, the difference between success and failure could lay in your attitude. Let your inner strength prevail and focus on the positives. Most of all, don’t give up!

My thoughts on The Nine of Wands


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