Daily Tarot


The decisions we make today can have a huge impact on our tomorrows. Getting married would certainly be one of the biggest choices we make.

Justice is the logical, well thought out desicion. It can also signify the law and anything tied to legal matters, such as marriage.
When combined with The Lovers, marriage is a given.

The Lovers of the Zombie Tarot is a little different. There is a very real danger you will be hurt, or have your heart ripped out. Could be our Romeo is having second thoughts about his Zombie bride. Their marriage is, indeed, literally starting to stink. But now, tied together by the legal institution of marriage, neither of them can just walk away.

Justice encourages you to think very carefully before you leap. Don’t be swayed by love and lust alone, you will likely come to regret it. Carefully consider all outcomes and options before making a decision that will affect the rest of your life. As they say, ‘Marry in haste and repent at leisure.’

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