Daily Tarot

Two cards today, drawn from the Zombie Tarot. Drawing a daily two cards is a good way to work on reading combinations, which I am currently trying to improve.

The Three of Hazards (Pentacles), is recognition and fulfillment. This could refer to a hobby or skill you have been developing. You have found you are quite good at this and gain a lot of enjoyment from your work as well.

Combine the Three of Hazards with The Wheel of Fortune and you may have found your niche, your passion, your destiny.

Your skills are advancing rapidly and you are starting to gain attention from the right places. There is a definite interest is your product or skills, even potential buyers or investors. You have a great opportunity to take your passion so much further, even make a living off of it. There  is a very real chance that this little idea could become a life changing opportunity. Keep doing what you are doing and get your product out there. Don’t be afraid to network and take advice from those that are already where you hope to be someday. Good luck!


Zombie Tarot

Wheel of Fortune


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