Daily Tarot


The Seven of Swords is a card of cunning, deception and deceit. But it is also a sign of someone who is intelligent, independant and can think outside the box.

Be wary of who you trust today. It is never a good idea to open yourself, and your home, up to people you don’t really know. Here, there is the very real chance that you will come to regret ever trusting this person.

If you are currently having problems dealing with liars, gossips or thieves, it is time to start using some of that cunning yourself. Really consider the person and the problem, there is likely an easier way to deal with the situation. Calling out a sneaky person is usually a good idea. These types try to avoid exposure. If they are caught out red-handed, they are pretty quick to disappear.

Just be on your guard a little more than usual. It never hurts to make sure your house is locked before you leave home either.

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