Daily Tarot


Sorry Daily Tarot is late today, I am sick with the flu and doing an extraordinary amount of sleeping.

The Ten of Pentacles is a card of wealth, stability, tradition and permanance. Here is old money, strong family support and establishment of wealth or structure, with future generations in mind.

I have a strong feeling that this relates to yesterday’s card, the Two of Pentacles. While this two relates to ups and downs regarding money, the Ten is pure stabiltiy. With good management and long term vision, financial stability can be achieved.

These two cards, combined, could also suggest an investment, likely in property. Although the immediate outlay might be tricky to manage, the long term gains are certainly worth any temporary shortfalls. Focus on the bigger picture here, rather than short term gratification.


                                          Yesterday’s card, the Two of Pentacles. I see a strong connection between these two cards today.

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