Ghost Hunting

You might have noticed Daily Card was missed today, I apologize.  Last night I went on a ghost hunt with my daughter and an old friend, at the Cowra Prisoner of War camp. There are definitely some uneasy spirits there.

This is the old chapel, where the ghosts seem to like to hang around.

I have been to this place a few times before, and have some good orb photos from previous visits. Though we didn’t catch a lot on camera last night, we sure felt some activity. We felt two distinct presences in the chapel, one very playful. We guessed this could have been a child. We could actually see her tugging on my shirt!
I have been on quite a few ghost hunts, but have never felt actual contact like this. It was perfectly still all around us, but items of clothing would start flapping around and we’d get cold spots.

This is one of the orb shots we did get, taken by Bek. You can clearly see two, but look closely, there are three.

This place is really quite spooky at night. It is dark and isolated. See the little light out the window? There were definitely no lights out there.

Next, we explored one of the old sleeping quarters, now nothing but foundations. We found this entryway open underneath. Would you go in here?
To my surprise, Drew and Bek did! I was not so concerned about the supernatural at this point, but crashing some poor homeless guys sleep out. Even standing at the door, we could feel how warm the place was.

Turns out my hunch was right. As spooky as that old place was, someone had been living in there!

We had a bit of fun trying to get up the nerve to go through to the back room, but never quite made it that far. That place was hell spooky.

The other direction was not even an option! We weren’t that brave.

On a side note, have a close look at my Daily Tarot card, the Ace of Swords. The Sword and the Sylph are both ghostly. This is symbolic of their element, air. But today, it is hard not to overlook the connection, I drew a ghostly card on the day we went ghost hunting. Sometimes the Tarot can be very literal.

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