How glad I am to see the back of summer! Autumn is my favorite season. The cool nights and warm days, the colors of the trees as the leaves turn, the sun losing it’s potency, making the days more bearable. It is all a welcome relief after a sweltering hot summer.

I loved summer as a kid. Long days, warm nights. Whole days spent in the cool waters of the local swimming pool, riding horses, building tree houses, hanging out with friends. All those things that were impossible, or a lot less enjoyable, in the biting cold of a winter spent in the mountains.

Green grass beginning to shoot again.
Green grass beginning to shoot again.

Now, having left that little mountain town and living down on the plains, it is a different story. Though here  we seem to get the worst of both, icy cold winds through the winter, forty degree plus days throughout the summer, but always that damn wind. In the winter it blows, icy, out of the east, blasting us with frigid air. In the summer, it roars out of the west as if from a blast furnace, so hot it feels like it burns your skin. Every year, the temperatures are getting more extreme, the dry spells longer. It is making summer an ordeal to be endured. Too hot to venture outside very often, summer is just not what it used to be. The prospect of this trend continuing is a bit of a concern.

But during Autumn we get a little reprieve from the relentless wind. No wind and stable temperatures are comfortable, but I also like the ‘stillness’ of it. It is as if the earth is taking a breather, slowing down, preparing for her imminent old age, winter. It is a pause between breaths, a turning of the season that is really felt, not just noted on a calendar.


This summer has been a particularly hot and dry one, drought is a killer for those that are on the land. For us, it is just a constant feeding of my little herd, a horse and two sheep. This feed is very expensive, as it is trucked in from long distances and everyone needs a lot of it. We have also lost several trees again this year. Sadly, this is also become a regular part of summer. It is just so hard to keep the water up to them. Some can endure, but some just wilt and die, despite our best efforts.

So it was a nice little bonus that the change over to autumn, brought with it the rain. Rain we haven’t seen in a long time. Here it rained all through the night and all through the next day. A steady soaking rain that the earth seems to open itself up to. The change in plants and trees is immediate. Because although you can water a garden, it just doesn’t have the same effect as does the rain. From dirt dry paddocks, has sprung a flush of green. My garden is restored, the trees have taken on a healthy glow.

First flush of green in many months
First flush of green in many months

Living out-of-town, we rely on tank water. Usually this gets us through ok, but when it has been as long between rain, as has this stretch, things can get a little dire. So the addition to our water tank has been a welcome relief. Best thing is, we have more rain forecast for the rest of this week. Bring it on I say, we sure do need it.


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