Happy Valentines

In the spirit of love, Valentines Day, I wish to dedicate this post to my Husband.

drew camera 185

We have been together a while now, fourteen years of love and tears. Through the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, and even when we’re mad.

We have been through a lot, you and I. We have watched a daughter grow, watched loved pets pass on, fallen out of love, and fallen right back in. You have held me while I cried, and laughed by my side. Always there, we’ve always been a pair.

I tell you my secrets, you know me so well. The good and the bad, but you love me still. You know my strengths and my frailties, like you know your own. After all these years and all the shared tears.

The day we were married, the day by the sea, I knew true love as I swore eternity. As our hands were bound, knotted for life, it was at that moment, I became your wife.

drew camera 281

Even though sometimes we fight, when we want to scratch and bite, we always know, it will be all right. Little habits that once were sweet, drive us crazy, like you going to sleep!

You are my best friend, my confidant, my husband, my lover.

I love you, my man, like I’ve never loved another.


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