The World

The World is a card I have, until recently, found hard to grasp. The concept just seems so ‘big’. I think a lot of the problem was having nothing in my life to relate it to. I have never been to University, or even graduated high school, so no help there. When I drew The World recently, which I rarely do, I had no idea what it was trying to tell me, until I began to write.

Stream of consciousness writing opens a lot of doors for me. Aspects I haven’t yet considered appear, along with new interpretations all together. The act of writing seems to draw my deepest, hidden thoughts out into the daylight. I keep a daily Tarot journal, and this has connected me to the Tarot much more than many hours of study could ever hope to achieve.

So, upon drawing The World, I began to write. It soon became apparent that this card was alluding to my Daughter. I have found that the Major Arcana often refer to people other than myself. The Minors are usually personal, referring to my own attitudes, actions and beliefs. Major cards are often other people, or ‘bigger picture’ stuff. The World, on this day, was in this category.

My Daughter has, just this year, began her tenth year of schooling. She is now a senior at school, a big milestone. This year will be full of such milestones for her. Turning sixteen is another huge step. The age at which we take our first tentative steps into adulthood. She will also obtain her learner drivers permit and reach the legal age of consent.

The big milestones of life - The World - Radiant Rider-Waite
The big milestones of life – The World – Radiant Rider-Waite

Where on earth did those sixteen years go? This year marks the point of leaving childhood behind. She is ready for the transition, straining at the starting gates of life, as every teenager that has come before her has done. But for me, as her Mum, it brings back many memories, all those milestones that have come before. Her first tooth, first word, first steps. It all seems so long ago now. It also makes me realize sixteen years of my own life have flown by in the haze of days. I can feel my own mortality breathing down my neck. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was her age. Time just keeps on ticking by. Days into weeks into years into decades.

As I look to the past, it is also time to look to the future, all that is ahead of us. With only three years of schooling left, it pales in comparison to those sixteen years that have been. Not long now, till she sits her HSC, then it is onwards and forwards, into the big, wide world.

You can’t stop your children growing up, nor can you protect them from all that is bad in this world, the hurts, disappointments, grief and sadness. You just have to have confidence that you have raised them right, instilled in them all the right things that will make them good people. People able to make good decisions for themselves, to walk the path that is right for them, that makes them happy and others happy to be around them.

This big event, in both our lives, has given me a broader understanding of The World. The world keeps spinning, life goes on, there is nothing that will make it stop, or even pause a moment. Our babies become teenagers, become adults and likely go on to have babies of their own. The never-ending cycle of life. The World is so much bigger than the individual. It is life itself, what happens as each day passes and flows into the years. It is our babies growing up, leaving the nest. It is graduations, license tests, first loves, grandchildren. It is life slipping through our fingers.

The World in your hands. - Gothic Tarot by Anne Stokes
The World in your hands. – Gothic Tarot by Anne Stokes

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