Wizards Tarot


Wizards Tarot is a beautiful deck, rich with symbolism and mythology. It is not so much a divination deck, but more of an introductory course into magick. Though it is in the Rider-Waite format and can be used as such.

Bringing to mind the Harry Potter series, the deck becomes Mandrake Academy, a school for Witches and Wizards. The archetypes of the Major Arcana are your teachers, each teaching a specialist area of magick.

The Minor Arcana represent your fellow students, learning and practising on the Academy’s grounds. The four suits become houses, the strengths and weaknesses of each house are taken from their representing element.  As tradition dictates, the course runs for a year and a day and the corresponding season is shown with each suit/house, a nice touch.

Court cards are the elemental guardians of Mandrake, the Royal families. Here are salamanders, undines, sylphs and trolls.

Wizards Tarot is accompanied by a 141 page softcover book. The book alone is worth buying this deck for. Including a specific spread, magickal instruction, and visualization exercise for each major card.

For newcomers to witchcraft,  this deck would be an invaluable course of study. It also heavily encourages the development of intuition and practical learning over theory, a boon to Tarot enthusiasts, especially beginners. For experienced Witches and Tarot readers, the spreads and visualizations are brilliant and very useful for further development. 

Wizards Tarot is a must have, I highly recommend this deck and look forward to working with these cards for a long time to come.

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