As you read this, I am at the dam. We are, right now, enjoying our annual family camping trip at Wyangala Dam.

Leo catching some rays while camping.
Leo catching some rays while camping.

I love camping, always have. I love swimming in the cool waters of the dam, a welcome respite from the summer heat. I love the laid-back, slap-up barbecue dinners, sitting back admiring the view while we knock back a few cold ones.

Riding on the biscuit
Riding on the biscuit

We are well set up now, our camp is a home away from home. A good bed goes a long way when you are camping. That and a good Esky. Last year Dad bought me a top range Esky, which will eliminate the multiple daily ice runs, the biggest burden at the campsite. (Thanks Dad). I have spent a week beforehand stocking it with huge blocks of ice, this should last us the week, and is the final touch on our camping gear.

Our campsite
Our campsite

I also relish spending the time with my family. It is true downtime. No internet, no phone calls or messages, just quality time together. We all enjoy it and always have a great time.

Moonrise over the dam.
Moonrise over the dam.

At the end of the day, sitting by the water’s edge, beer in hand, it is undeniable that this is the good life. These are the times we will look back on fondly and remember forever.

Cheers oxo

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