Two of Cups

A big welcome to my first guest blogger, Drew. She is 15 years old and currently in a relationship with her first boyfriend. She is also my daughter!

Who better to relate the rush of first love than a teenage girl. Enjoy..

Love and happiness - The Two of Cups   -Witches Tarot-
Love and happiness – The Two of Cups -Witches Tarot

The Two of Cups is a card I can personally relate to. It represents my experience of falling in love for the first time. Particularly, it represents the day I began my relationship with my boyfriend.

Once a year, the show (or carnival) rolls into town. I had made plans to go with a boy I’d recently struck up a friendship with. In the days leading up to the event, my stomach was swarming with butterflies.

Finally, the big day arrived. We spent the day riding the sideshows, scoffing fairy floss and soaking up the atmosphere. I couldn’t believe it, I was falling in love.

There was one particular ride, absolutely terrifying, that I had no intention of going on. Although, my companion was strangely insistent on giving it a go. In the end, his persistence won out and I found myself upside down, fifty feet in the air, clutching my harness for dear life!

At its highest peak, the ride momentarily stopped, giving us a brief chance to admire the view of the lights of the fairground. It was at that moment that my companion, and now boyfriend, asked me out.

I was out of breath, my hair was a mess, gravity was certainly taking its toll. I was surely not looking my best!

“Really?” I asked. Though I knew he had meant what he had said, he wasn’t kidding. “Yes!” I said, quickly, as I felt the ride tipping again to the point of descent. I felt a rush of excitement, adrenaline and happiness, and not solely from the rush of the ride!

Security, joy, excitement, anticipation, love and happiness. I now associate these feelings with the Two of Cups.

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