Two of Swords

The Two of Swords brings to mind a character in one of my favorite, much read, books, Tully by Paullina Simons. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. As well as being a great read, it will also give you an in-depth understanding of the Two of Swords.

Doubt and Indecision.  Two of Swords- Witches Tarot
Doubt and Indecision. Two of Swords – Witches Tarot

Indecision is what this card is all about. It is sitting on the fence, hoping the problem will go away, without you having to decide one way or the other.

Funny thing is, I have written several posts about this card, and unhappy with each, I have deleted them. This is a good example of the energy of the Two of Swords. Self-doubt and hesitation are what this card is all about. It even seems to manifest in just trying to write about it!

The calm, reflective stillness of the water in the background is our way around this problem. Calm and logical reflection, putting your head before your heart. The waxing moon connects to the water, suggesting a new opportunity is possible here. The right choice could well lead to a new, unexplored path.

The blindfold symbolizes willful blindness. An ‘if I can’t see it, it will go away’ mentality. This approach is very rarely successful and will usually just lead to more problems.

Even the bench she sits on is suggestive of ‘sitting on the fence”, unwilling to fall to either side in a firm decision.

As with all the Twos, the card is also suggestive of balance. Of the two Swords she holds, we can see one is slightly less upright than the other, implying there is an area of your life that is slightly out of whack. Some time reflecting on your habits and routines will serve you well here.

Again, this post just doesn’t seem complete, and I am feeling indecisive about hitting the publish yet again. Think I’ll take my own advice here and just act on this one.

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