Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords is a breath of fresh air, bringing with it clarity, focus, new ideas and fresh inspiration.  The winds of change have the power to blow away the fog of illusion and misunderstanding, revealing a bright new truth. A truth that holds the potential for a new direction.

 Potential to soar - Witches Tarot

Potential to soar – Witches Tarot

This is the card of the fighter, the one who sees an injustice taking place and is ready to fly into battle, all guns blazing. This is the card of the social activist, the political protester. They fully understand the issues and know the truth, and they are prepared to fight for the greater good. As the suit of Swords stands for reason, logic and communication, our warriors are fully informed, knowledgable and able to voice their concerns most eloquently. Being such great communicators, they are easily able to sway others into seeing these issues in a new light. Cutting to the heart of the matter, the essential truth, is their specialty.

Ace of Swords is also a card of the highly intelligent and inspired, the card of the inventor.  Full of creative vision, you can see the light in their eyes as a brilliant new idea pops into their heads. Watch as they strategically plan and devise their concepts, working diligently until they have made their ideas a reality. Being a card of achievement and victory, this grand new invention is highly likely to become a great success.

The barren mountain landscape in the background shows how unemotional this card, and suit, is. It is positively mind over heart with the Swords and its Ace. A card of logic reason and truth. Lies and conjecture will  be exposed with the swift mental clarity of the Sword. Insight and understanding wins through. A card of great potential, it is up to the bearer of this sword as to what direction this powerful new vision will take. In other words, the Sword can be used for good or evil. Will you take up the Sword and fight for the greater good, or will you fight only for your own advancement? Wars have been fought, beginning with the energy of this card. Usually starting with great intentions, the end result is usually greed, power and self-advancement. Using the perception and insight of this Ace, could we not find a better means to an end? Here we find those who have fought injustice and changed the world. We also have the tyrannical despot, hell-bent on furthering his own power, collateral damage is no great upset for this type. His own power and riches is all that concerns him.

Personally, this card foretells of a brilliant new idea, a new direction. A fresh view of your circumstances and surroundings. Like the eagle on the Witches Tarot card, you have the potential to triumph, to soar above any and all challenges and difficulties life throws at you.

Ace of Swords also brings a warning. Beware of becoming to cold-hearted. This Sword is best wielded when intellect is combined with the compassion of Cups and the passion of Wands. Without both of these elements we risk becoming heartless, cold, callous and indifferent of the needs of those around us.

If your intentions are honorable and your heart is in the right place, you are in a great position to really make a difference.

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