Cards for Christmas

We’re now, truly, heading into the Christmas period. The weather is warming up, finally. The shops are packed, shopping is a nightmare! Thankfully, I have most of mine done now. Houses are festooned with lights and the school year is winding down.

All this Christmas spirit got me thinking about which Tarot cards represent Christmas. I picked out a few, then narrowed them down to four. Four cards that embody the true spirit of Christmas for me.


Nine of Cups and Four of wands. These two cards represent the family gatherings, celebrations and feasts. Both are joyous, celebratory cards. In the Nine we see our Hostess preparing her party. The table is laid, drinks are poured. The cauldron behind her, could well contain Christmas dinner.

The Four of Wands, another card of celebration. The joy of this card is quite evident, and being in the suit of Fire, Wands, it also brings to mind the unrelenting heat of an Aussie Christmas. Cooking a roast in forty degree heat is a traditional part of Christmas in Australia!


The Ten of Cups represents the ties of family. Christmas is a time that brings us all together and reminds us of the bonds that we share. A time to raise a glass to having made it through another year. It is also a time of sadness for those we have lost, for that empty seat at the table.

The Page is the true spirit of Christmas. The delight of a child on Christmas morning. For children, this is a most magical time, when all is filled with wonder. It is sad that we lose this as we grow older, but we do rediscover it when we have children of our own and watch their delight as they rise to discover Santa has paid a visit.

I didn’t include the following two in my original post, but have found these cards coming up a lot in the last week. Actually, I was surprised I didn’t include the in the first post.

The Eight of Wands. Rushing around, fast, hectic, a storm of activity. This Eight embodies the spirit of the pre-christmas rush. Christmas shopping, preparing and buying food. The lead up to christmas is always hectic. But being an Eight, it also indicates this is soon to come to an end, which it does when Christmas gives way to the holiday season.


Next up is the Six of pentacles, a card of giving as well as receiving. Another big part of Christmas, presents. Sadly, I think some get too caught up in the gifting aspect of Christmas. Kids have no qualms asking for, and expecting, top of the range electronics. Parents spend the rest of the year in debt, paying off the Christmas credit card splurge. The whole spirit of the season gets lost in materialism.  But there is no denying the joy of watching your loved ones open their gifts on Christmas morning. I love giving more than I do receiving, especially this year, having little kids to buy for. This is also a good time to make donations to charity, to help those less fortunate to also enjoy the day. But this card is not just about giving money. Go and ask the old man next door to join your Christmas lunch, the person that would, otherwise, spend the day alone. The spirit of giving encompasses so much more than just giving money.

Celebrations, parties, feasts, friends, family, the excitement of children and the spirit of giving. This sums up Christmas for me.

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