Angels of the system


What a pain, literally.

I am currently recovering  from a tonsillectomy and it is not a nice experience.

Two days in and I feel like I have the worst case of tonsillitis i have ever had.

Eating anything but yogurt, ice cream and jelly, is just plain impossible.

But it will pass, and this time will be the last.

No more of this recurrent problem.











I just wanted to give a big shout out to the nurses at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital.

These angels are amazing.

They are the cogs in a system that is running at above capacity.

Yet, they keep it all going, managing to give the highest quality of care.

They definitely made my experience a better one.


Not just at this hospital, but hospitals everywhere, these women and men care for us in our times of need.

When we are unable to perform our own basic care tasks, they do it with grace, and usually, a great sense of humor.

Nurses are the backbone of our hospital systems.

Our saving grace in times of crisis and hardship.

Nurses are dealing with increasingly bad working conditions and still doing their job with a smile and compassion.

IMG_20130828_194641So, to nurses everywhere, this is for you.

Thank you for being there, thank you for your care, thank you for your understanding and kind words.

Thank you for your support through the most difficult times in life.

You are all angels and deserve our heartfelt thanks.

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