Welcome to Spinning Webbs!
Wow, my first post for my first blog, the possibilities are endless!
So what to write about to get started?  
I’m going to start with The Wheel of the Year.  

Here in Australia we are now in the month of August.
It has been a cold and unusually wet winter, so to celebrate the first stirrings of Spring really lifts the spirits. 


It is the season of Imbolc.
The season of Brighid, Goddess of the Hearth, Poetry, Healing, and the Forge.  
For me it is the season of lambs, daffodils and golden wattle brightening the dreary landscape.
It is noticeably longer days, slightly brighter, but still very cold.
It is dark and freezing cold nights, frozen puddles, white frost and heavy fog. 
It is a sun that can’t quite spread its warmth over the earth. 

Imbolc marks the return of the light, Brighid stoking her sacred flame, her hearth fire. 


Imbolc heralds a time to shake off the Winter blues, de-clutter, re-organize, and plan for the year ahead.
I have several plans and goals I hope to see through this year and now is the time to put plans into action. 
My Gran recently gave me an old sewing machine, which I took to with a natural flair.
I have already made a dress and several smaller creations and I intend to further develop this skill.
I also plan to work at developing my understanding of the Tarot and my spiritual path, two things that go hand in hand for me.

I plan too, to keep slogging away and improving my guitar playing.
I have played for a while now and improved and learnt a lot in that time.
But it is definitely not something that comes naturally to me, I have to practice, a lot!

I guess I can also include this blog in my list.
Creating a blog is something I have wanted to do for a while now, and today I finally decided to just sit down and do it.

This is the spirit of Imbolc:  Inspiration, creativity, beginnings, putting ideas into action.


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